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HDPE Pharma Line Bottles are In Stock Now.

Alpha Packaging is now stocking our HDPE Pharma Line packers in THREE locations across North America: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (PA); Jacksonville, Florida (JAX); and Salt Lake City, Utah (SLC). Items are being stocked in white HDPE.

To obtain samples of individual sizes of HDPE Pharma Line bottles, please visit our online catalog and select the sizes you are interested in. Or, if you would like a sales kit containing the full line of 14 sizes of HDPE Pharma Line Packers, you can get the sales kit here.

Details about Alpha's stock resins and colorants for the HDPE Pharma Line, as well as pricing information, is available from your Alpha Sales or Customer Service Representative. Call our St. Louis customer service team at 314-427-4300, or ask your Sales Representative for details.

Item Code Size Neck Color Case Pack FOB PA FOB JAX FOB SLC
50PH33W 50cc 33-400 White 1,150 885,500 272,550 26,450
75PH33W 75cc 33-400 White 850 1,067,600 183,600 91,800
100PH38W 100cc 38-400 White 640 1,580,800 399,360 96,640
120PH38W 120cc 38-400 White 510 14,280 36,720 0
150PH38W 150cc 38-400 White 415 1,874,555 557,345 192,975
175PH38W 175cc 38-400 White 375 781,500 11,625 978,750
225PH45W280 225cc 45-400 White 280 714,560 342,720 0
275PH45W 275cc 45-400 White 270 1,054,080 223,290 64,260
300PH45W 300cc 45-400 White 204 695,436 319,872 73,440
400PH38W 400cc 45-400 White 180 1,611,720 128,700 167,580
500PH53W 500cc 53-400 White 140 61,180 37,240 8,960
625PH53W 625cc 53-400 White 140 55,720 13,860 5,040
750PH53W72 750cc 53-400 White 72 187,632 5,328 1,584
950PH53W 950cc 53-400 White 72 6,624 0 2,160

* Available Quantities published on this page are accurate as of October 15, 2019, but are subject to change.

For customers who need quantities in excess of the in-stock quantities listed above, we can schedule a production run just for you.

Quantities Will Change Frequently, So Don't Delay!

Quantities will change as customers place orders for existing inventory, so we cannot guarantee that every item will always be in stock even if it was available when this list was published. Alpha Packaging will be closely monitoring sales of our HDPE Pharma Line items and develop a fluid stocking plan that grows with our customers. If you have a forecast demand that you can share with us, we would love to build inventory to meet your needs.